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Friday, 21 April 2017

Perth to Adelaide - Day 5 - Alexander Bridge

Margaret River is an excellent spot for a rest day! I woke feeling pretty stiff so spent the morning stretching and then went for a walk to get a few things and look around.

In the afternoon I joined a wine tour which was quite a pleasent distraction  from turning pedals! There were some great people here, through it was very strange not to have my wife with me. Instead, a kind couple took pity on the sole traveller and babysat me for dinner. They had travelled all over the world and not to the usual places on most peoples itineraries, so were fascinating and inspiring to share a meal with. Thanks guys! I hope you dreams in Sweden and Greenland come true...

Although it wasnt a late night by any means, I was grateful for a shorter days riding for day 5. The day started with a few showers and I rode south in the rain towards Augusta. Here I stopped for coffee and had to fix a puncture...as always the laden bike attracted plenty of attention and I got talking to a nice couple who had cycle toured in Europe. They asked about the blog and I'm again kicking myself for not having a Cure Cancer shirt on or something...but anyway if the Augusta Couple are reading this: thank you and all the best to you...

After the town I headed South West...the opposite direction to home, down an undulating coastal road with some energy sapping steep sections...but too come this far and not see Cape Leeuwin...the very South West corner of Australia would have been a crime!

The Cape was wild as you'd expect, the Indian and South Pacific oceans meet here, so it is an exposed and rugged corner of the country and it had an intimidating  feel to it when you are just a bloke on bicycle. I did not hang around, for one thing I was wet and cold, but also at this point it felt very far from home indeed. Heading back East felt good...East at last! Every pedal stroke now gets me closer to home.

The goal for today was a little campsite at Alexander  Bridge. Nothing much there but a nice setting and gaurenteed water which is all I need.

I ate by the river and tried to concentrate on writing my journal but the moment was somewhat tarneshed by a family at a table near me having a series of massive arguements over a card game. Feel the serenity!

Day 5 distance: 85km
Ascent: 650m

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