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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Perth to Adelaide - Day 13 - Esperance rest day

Ah a day off...and a much nicer place to relax in than the last (sorry Albany). First priority however was to decide route options. One of these is to head directly east from town and camp at Lucky Bay, then head about 280km up a difficult 4WD route which connects to Balladonia on the Eyre Highway. But the cyclist I met way back at Northcliffe gave me some good current info on road conditions, describing 40cm wheel rutts, sand and general harshness. This conforms with advice on the BNA forum.

This feels too risky to tackle alone...even if I get get through I'd then be starting the Nullarbor in bad state...maybe a damaged bike and exhausted.

So, that was an easy decision in the end. Instead, it's 200km up to Norseman which I can split into 2 easy days, provided I ensure I get there well before the IGA supermarket shuts as a major food shop will be on the cards.

With that all sorted, the bike was next with a clean and check up...Beatrice has been amazing, so very little work was required.

The downside with the change of route plan was that I'd miss seeing Cape Le Grand NP...so I figured I'd try get on a tour out there as a day trip. Its the off season here but in a huge streak of luck I was able to tag on with a group thanks to Jeff at esperanceexplorer.com.au and...well...just wow:

And Jeff also happened to have worked on The Nullarbor so while enjoying some spectacular scenery I was also able to get some great advice.

So, tomorrow morning its time to ride North. Today was brilliant but I am keen to keep moving and not loose momentum.

So far I have cycled 1259km
About 2300km to go.

Thanks all so much for the donations to Cure Cancer Australia...I think I may have to increase the target!!


  1. Wow is a pretty damn accurate description!!!! :)

  2. Yeah, looks bewdiful. Glad to hear you're taking the Norseman alt route. Safety first and all that.

  3. Hi Daegal, I've just caught up with your blog - fantastic read. You had me worried you were gonna tackle either Parmango or Balladonia Rd when you mentioned Cape Arid on Day 1. That's definitely one area you don't want to tackle by yourself. Glad you made it to Lucky Bay. Cape Le Grand is so spectacular when the sun is out. I take it you didn't attempt to climb Frenchman's Peak?

    1. Oh, it's Simon C from work, in case you were wondering.

  4. Heya Simon; yeah Parmango rd was the original plan...but it's too risky now that I have seen the area. Lucky Bay was just stunning!!

  5. Hi Daegal. Thank you for your kind words. I have shared the link to your blog with the Esperance Community. Hopefully it will raise more funds for your cause. Cheers Jeff.