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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Perth to Adelaide - Day 2 - Bunbury

Last night's efforts to fix up the bike seemed to do the job and it was a largely drama free day. After 'the breakfast of champions'

I was rolling south with wonderfully clear sky but a bit of southerly head wind which kept me working all day. Being Easter weekend there was too much traffic for me to fully relax, but enough shoulder most of the time to keep out of their way most of the time.

I took the more coastal route and the only non freeway option but it was still dual carraigeway. Still, the area was pretty...low laying bush land, plenty of birds, the odd Skippy and some comfortable rest stops.

And a car full of people gave me the most OTT exuberant cheers as I trundled by fully laden, which put a huge smile on my face despite the embarrassment.

For other cyclists, if approaching Bunbury from the north, take Cathedral rd along the estuary to get out of the traffic...superb cycling too.

105km later I was in town and got to a camping store in time before they closed (you can't take gas for your stove on a plane of course). I will be camping soon, but took a b&b for tonight. Camp grounds in towns seem to charge the same to pitch a tent as getting a cheap room.

For dinner I went for a walk to the beach armed with a parcel of Fish & Chips...tick one more item off the trip Bucket List!

A plaque had some information  about the indigenous people first in the area so I'm off to read up more...as that's another item on the list.

Tomorrow, a longer day is on the cards and I want to be away on the road at dawn...it should be the last day of traffic for a while too!


  1. Isaac was very excited to see the pic of you in your bike helmet, just like he has!!

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  3. Good lad! Get him exploring ;)