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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Perth to Adelaide - Day 15 - Norseman

Still feeling dodgy but not much I can do about it here! Got rolling at about 8am after a dopey start where I couldn't get packed quickly.

Great weather again though, bit of a headwind but not strong, blue skies and quiet roads so I could trundle north without many issues, stopping at this little picnic spot so typical of many others I've called in at.

After lunch I only had 30km to ride so got to Norseman nice and early, to get supplies and get prepared for the next leg. But the first job was to find a place to sleep, and tonight could be the last night indoors for a while so I took the soft option of the Railway Hotel, who immediately gave me a discount just for being on a bicycle! What a welcome, and Beatrice is safely stashed in a store room I can access to get her ready for tomorrow.

Distance today: 97km
Hills:  +324m
Total distance to date: 1368km

So, what now?

Well the Eyre Highway and Nullarbor plain awaits. I've been to the shop, and this is my food for the next 8+ days:

I have 8 dinners there, about 6 breakfasts and a few less lunches. Lunch is a bit harder to cater for while keeping weight down, and not cooking, so I will use roadhouses for lunches as often as possible. Ontop of that lot I have a 10 litre water bladder and 3 litres in small bottles.

The greatest distance between roadhouses is 197km and that's the first one at Balladonia, so a lot of water is needed on day 1.

The crossing is 1200km and I hope to get across in 9-12 days...very much depending on the wind and my ability to keep pushing a heavy bike.

So there will be no blog posts for a while I'm afraid...there is no mobile signal out there. But thanks so much for reading, supporting and donating! In fact, we were already about to hit $5k and am only just at the hard bit on the cycle, so have doubled the target!

Lets try for $10,000. That will pay for far more lab time for innovative  cancer researchers...who knows what they may figure out.

Last pic before I leave town. Here is Fully Loaded Beatrice, 8l water bladder on rear rack:

See you on the flipside!


  1. Just Wow... You can do it. GoodLuck. Stay Safe.

  2. Good luck, man. That doesn't look like much food!