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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Day Zero - Business Time

Time to get going! Just a short post here to thank everyone again for the words of encouragement and your generosity.I am on the train now and racing out of London towards Cornwall - hurrah!

I've had a busy couple of days in terms of preparation, spending most of my time doing more detailed route planning and booking some of the accommodation. I've booked a few days at the start and a few days at the end, keeping the middle part flexible for changing conditions. Hoping to have 1 "rest" day riding a little over 100km and probably at least 1 "epic" day with a 200km ride if I get good conditions.

The bike is in great shape now, especially after a final tune up of the gears today (thanks Tim) and a short trial ride today fully laden.  I have packed very light: my panniers weigh less than 8kg at the moment, and a kilo of that is some devilish 'Scroggin' to keep the energy levels up for the first few days. I've also got a few carbohydrate gels packed and am posting a parcel ahead containing more, up to a place I'm staying at in Scotland as I gather they are a little hard to come by in the Highlands.

Anyway, an easy day today riding up the hill from Penzance to St Just which is the closest we could get to Lands End. Tomorrow, an early start then a 7-10km ride over to the start line at Lands End. My Wife is with me for the first bit then I'll be on my own after Penzance. I do feel ready!


For Rethink, I have hit my target and we've powered away to £1,128.50! For the Dom Pardy Trust, around £550 or so - thank you so much!

I'll keep that in mind when my legs are screaming on the Cornish hills tomorrow....

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