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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Day 1 - Lands End to Okehampton

Am underway! Starting with a 6 mile ride over to Lands Ends to the start line, my wife with me to see me off down as far as Penzance and lovely to have her company. The weather was pretty good with even a hint of blue every now and then, and I got the obligatory signpost photo:

Before getting underway. Albeit struggling a bit at first:

Ok ok and a sensible one too...

After zooming down the hill to Penzance I was on my own and heading north towards Hayle, Rudruth and eventually onto the outskirts of Newquay, taking a more Northerly route I'd read about on the CTC forum as being a little less hilly. It was great riding, though quite a bit of fast traffic.

I pulled in at Wadebridge after a 100km / 62 miles and wolfed down an excellent chicken ciabata and many glasses of juice. Quite hot work today and I got through about 6 litres in the end. Anyway after moving on, through some lovely scenery

I'd foolishly stopped at a bust laybye to take this photo leaving Devon

As soon as I got back on and started peddling, I head a great crack and the rear tyre went flat in seconds. Perhaps it was the ancient Cornish Gods punishing me for leaving and photographing their nemesis?  on the way out? Anyway it was a 5 min job to chuck a spare tube on and I was soon underway again, grinding up the last few hills before finally hitting my target near Okehampton feeling rather knackered indeed. Looking at the hill profile, am please to have this out the way at the start if the trip:

With 1800m of ascent in total.

Tomorrow looks very worrying indeed. There is a major storm hitting the UK with wind gusts in the 60-70 mph range. It wont be from my front, but I am worried about both cross wind and debris. I've got a shorter day than today but its really touch and go to be riding at all. Will just have to head out and and see how I go, its due to ease off later in the day so all I can do is play it by ear and get some shelter if it really is that bad...

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  1. Brilliant pics! Hope you escape the windy madness - it's been blowing a gale in London.