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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Eat Meat (And Vege) For Charity - raised £660!

Last weekend Carla and I ran a fund-raising BBQ at our place. Our plan was, to cash in our "Nectar" points and then top up what ever else we needed with cash, and host a "Gourmet BBQ" in our backyard...with our guests donating whatever they felt was appropriate after they'd been well fed (and admittedly, well lubricated).

We were SO lucky with the weather. We also spent a lot of effort getting a good menu together and put together about 20 dishes of all sorts. The Duck and Plum sauce was a definite winner, along with Carla's amazing rocky road. The latter of which I need to find a way to stop melting as a few slices of that would come in handy for a sugar hit when riding!

What really made it cool however was our friends company - and wonderful generosity at the end of the night. We raised £330 each, for both the Dom Pardy Trust, and also for Rethink! Thank you so much guys...we were so pleased we also donated the cost of putting it on.

My last day at work tomorrow. The new bike has been great! Yesterday I got up at 6am and did a 60km circuit around Richmond Common before work. She handles really well on the whole, although a few jumpy gears and I need to switch to SPD pedals again and fit my rack on. All of that too happen tomorrow all going well, and a trial ride in "final" set up before I head down to Lands end on Tuesday...no backing out now!

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