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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Perth to Adelaide - Day 26 - Wudinna

There is nothing like eating your breakfast on the beach with the sun slowly rising to get your day going with a perfect start!

A massive sleep last night too. I'd crawled into the tent very early to listen too some music but only lasted a couple of tracks before I was out like a light. So I was nice and refreshed this morning and ready to eat some miles so to speak.

After leaving town I rode East to get back to the highway which was about 60km distant.  Nice clear skies and only a faint breeze, so those factors, combined with minimal traffic made for very enjoyable cycling. Strangely, one of the settlements enroute today was called 'Piednipple' and after spotting the turnoff for the Piednipple Catholic Church I suffered a maturity failure and was making up stories about what the place involved, which are best left unsaid.

At one point a very large Roo was hopping along in the bush next to me, easily keeping pace and then darting across the road in front of me...impressive!

Once back at the highway it was time for a snack at the town of Poochera. I was sipping my coffee when my phone rang...a number I didn't recognise...but answered it anyway. There was a long pause when I answered which is alway ominous as its the cold callers automated dialling software connecting you to the poor chump making the cold call. And no, I do not want to switch energy providors. That kinda stuff feels a world away. At least I have blocked the number now.

After that interlude back on the bike I went, stopping only briefly for water and made great time to Wudinna, my target for the day. The legs felt good today and the riding easy.

The camp ground here is great and has superb showers, and is pretty quiet. Tomorrow I have a short day riding but the day after that is an unavoidable big one so I will save my energy for that.

Distance today: 136km
Total distance to date: 2809km

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