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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Perth to Adelaide - Day 21 - Nullarbor Road House

Last night the tent was flapping about a lot in the wind which picked up again overnight, I found myself not able to sleep soundly because of both the noise and the mind wandering over the implications of this for today's cycle. But what a view to get out of bed too!

So after a nice quick pack up and no dew to wet the tent thanks to the wind, I was off nice and early. Initially it was a northerly cross wind, but after 40 odd km it swung round to my back quarter.. tail wind at last!

Riding through Nullarbor national park it was surprisingly green, no trees as such but the vegetation looked healthy, maybe some of the rain I saw a few days back had fallen here? I made a few more cliff viewing pit stops

But otherwise, I decided to take full advantage of the good conditions and keep moving. Traffic was really light today, but since the border from WA the road has had no shoulder at all and cyclists need to stay darn sharp. One example for me today was a period where I hadn't seen a single vehicle for 30mins, then suddenly 3 large road trains converged from both directions at once. Next to the edge of the bitumen there was a build up of sand and stones that is dangerous to cycle into quickly...but less dangerous than converging road monsters. I'm grateful for Beatrice's wide tyres which have saved my ass in these situations.

Its a long ride between supplies from the border and there were also few rest spots other than the cliffs. I ended up taking a 10 min lunch break just by the side of the road...I'd only been stopped 1 min when a campervan cames to a rapid halt next to me....another MURDERER? No, the guy gets out and hands me a ice cold bottle of water..."rather you than me mate" he says before quickly driving on.


Around this point the land flattened out more and now there really were few trees. I have seen very little wildlife in the park, but spotted a healthy looking dingo that was taking a fair amount of interest as I passed. Also I am still loving the massive horizons!

I pulled into the Nullarbor roadhouse quite early...2.30pm, hoping to rest the legs a bit in preparation for the final 296km to Ceduna. Another nicer roadhouse and I've given Beatrice a much needed clean...not to mention myself...I look like The Wild Man Of Borneo in the mirror.

For dinner I easily dispensed of the mighty 'Nullarbor Burger'...when I have finished this trip I'd better remember to switch back to eating normal amounts of food!

From here, the gaps between roadhouses get a litle bit smaller so there should be less need to haul large amounts of water, and most of my food has been eaten. But I wont be taking the 296km remaining to Ceduna lightly, it's still a fair way!

Distance today: 130km
Total to date: 2376km

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  1. Yay for wide tyres and non-murderous awesomeness!!!