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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Perth to Adelaide - Day 27 - Kimba

Last night in the field behind my tent there seemed to be some kind of 24 hour ploughing operation going on which made sleeping a bit challenging...though given the epic sleeps on previous nights I was not exactly  short, compared to a week at work anyway!

I ate a very healthy, but probably not calorific enough breakfast and was on the move again nice and early. Only 11km from the caravan park I was staying at was the small settlement of Kyancutta, and it had a tiny little cafe with real coffee which was a welcome, if a little early distraction in the days riding. Sitting in the sunshine by their front window with a hot drink made it very difficult to get moving!

The target for today was another wheatbelt town, Kimba. The area is extremely arid getting a mere 300mm of rain a year and this must make farming very challenging...it felt greener in the outback from what I saw.

It was nice enough riding but a combination of the traffic increasing and not much, if any, shoulder, made it important to stay sharp. Also I was a bit flat today, maybe from not eating enough or a bit of general cycling fatigue. A bit more hill work here too, though nothing too big.

I rolled into Kimba quite early and fancied a night inside, the hotel here a step up from roadhouses but costing about the same. Currently I am eating everything in sight in preparation for one last big day tomorrow. This consists of 155km to Port Augusta. There are no supplies available all day by the look of it, so I am stocked up with a packed lunch and lots of water. Get this done, and I can really take my time on the last leg into Adelaide!

Distance today: 101km
Total trip distance to date: 2910km

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