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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I started training for this trip back in September 2011 but ramped up fairly slowly. Now, with only about 3 months to go I need to get more serious!

So at the moment I'm looking 1 long ride every weekend of at least 100km, with a recovery ride the next day. I'm gradually ramping up the length of the recovery ride until it just ends up being another 100km as well. During the week, I ride to and from work but this isnt a great distance and will soon need additional km's added as well.

Last weekend I had a great ride round Kent with the reward of visiting friends at the end to spur me on in the cold. I was a little shocked at all the hills around Kent! Not big, but tricky when you have been riding for 100km and you are not fit...1000 miles feels like such a long shot right now.

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  1. Kent - the garden of England? Nah, full of chavs -best seen all blurred (ie at speed on your bike) Keep up the good work Daegal!