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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cold weather cycling

Not a bad week of training this week despite the cold. Finally got set up with access to bike storage at work to resume commuter riding which has helped make this weeks total bigger than last weeks. Hurrah! Yesterday was a real mental battle to get out the house as it was just so cold! After a fair amount of moaning on my part I finally got going and it wasn't too bad provided I kept moving.

I cycled south out of London on the A24 sticking to the main road as it had been gritted recently - and got just about all the way to Horsham before turning round to head back north. I was also motivated by a visit to Dom's place and it was great to see him (and meet his cats). This added up to just over the 100km target for the day with a few ups and downs on the Surrey Hills:

When I got back home I was bitterly cold though and it took a shower, a hot drink and hiding under duvet to get warm again. I could see it clouding up in the late afternoon and sure enough the snow hit last night.

The snow has put an end to any chance of a recovery ride today, but am quietly not that bothered! Hmm London will no doubt have ground to a complete halt tomorrow...

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