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Friday, 24 May 2013

Adelaide to Melbourne - Day 6

It was a clear  morning when I set off, getting only few meters before realising the rear tyre was flat. Its always a little bit more of a mission to change a tube when the bike is loaded, but as I hadn't even started, worth taking the time to figure out the cause of the puncture - as well as fixing it. Running my fingers through the inside of the tyre revealed a tiny sliver of wire that had gone all the way through. The old tube already had 2 patches on it, so I just replaced the tube and then put everything back together. I carry 3 spare tubes and a patch kit when touring.

After that, I was rolling! No noticeable wind initially, and it was nice to leave the A1 after 5 km, and join the B100...The Great Ocean Road! Traffic was lovely and light and I was able to ride on the smoother tarmac in the middle of the lane. And it was pure bliss to not have to dodge trucks all day.

The really nice scenery started after Nirranda South where the road joins the coast. There are lots of places to stop here, and the coast is beautiful, wild and rugged.

Around lunchtime I got to the Apostles and was talking to a group who just finished a 100km coastal walk. They were weary and elated and it was nice to talk to some people in a similar mindset. We helped each other out with photos.

Incidentally there is not much good food available at The Apostles Cafe, for anyone planning their own trip in the area, Peterborough looked to have lots more choice.

After the Apostles, the Great Ocean Road heads inland, at first over small foothills before then winding its way up a grueling ill climb to the town of Lavers Hill.  Showers came through and the temperature went down...but this is no bad thing for climbing. I got a great rhythm going for a good while, staying on the seat in low gears and keeping a slow steady pace. But the hill kept going, and going...with loads of false summits! By the time I pulled in to Lavers hill, I'd been climbing hard for about an hour and a half and the legs were totally pumped with lactic acid. Despite it being a very cold and wet afternoon I was drenched from the effort.

So Lavers Hill seemed like a good spot to call it a day. I think tomorrow the road drops right down to the coast before another big climb...better eat up well tonight!

Day 6 Stats

Distance: 111km
Average Speed: 22km/h

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