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Monday, 20 May 2013

Adelaide to Melbourne - Day 1

Well just how awesome was today! 

I couldn't find any decent breakfast at the motel I was staying at on the edge of town...although there was a really nice looking Organic Cafe right next door it was closed on Sundays much to my dismay! I had to settle for fruit and nut trail mix and instant coffee.

I was peddling eventually by 9 anyway, and the day started with a absolutely brutal hill climb at Belair road. Not used to peddling with cargo, I grunted and wheezed onward and upward, unable to get the  theme tune music of the 80s TV show "fresh prince of Bel Air" out of my head. The road  climbed sharply and with very little in the way of "rest" spots to take the heat off. It was a stunning ride however, beautiful gum tree forest and a fresh seal on the road - just amazing riding and my first big climb in quite a while. 

I moved on to upper Sturt road where the gradient eased in places and I remembered to take a few photos:

At least being so steep, it was over quickly, and I enjoyed the undulating other side, popping out from the hilly section at pretty village called  Mylor where a convey of club riders were hauled up for coffee on swish looking ulta light racing bikes. I got plenty of stares with my laden bus. Or, maybe they were just eyeing up Bianca...

After the town of Echunga it was then up and down the very pretty Angus road towards Strathabyn. I was feeling very weary at this point and long out of water so pulled in for an early lunch at 11:45. Plenty of cafes to choose from there and I enjoyed an amazing coffee and surprisingly healthy chicken fillet burger.

After Strathabyn I was in wine country. It was fast, and flat. The sun came out and I picked up a tailwind, just flying the 40km towards the Murray river crossing at Wellington. Now well and truly away from the city, the drivers all became super courteous and it was just a wonderful, blitzing ride.

At Wellington they have a free cable ferry set up...I gather it actually runs 24/7? Amazing. Originally, I'd earmarked Wellington for a possible camp for day 1, thinking I'd be done in after the hill and should ease into the tour with a shorter day. But after that tail wind, it was only 2pm when I got there so I decided to push on.

On the other side, I turned more south and the wind was on my front quarter but had eased off a bit. I was out of water again and hungry so made much slower time to Meninge. There was a super market at the town entrance so I had a big drink and picked up some fresh fruit and some pork steaks to have with my couscous for dinner. Stawberrys for dessert!

No snakes seen. Though I loved this sign:

Am sitting typing this watching the sun go down over lake Albert and unable to wipe the smile of my face...

Dist 153.36
Av speed 25.8
Max speed 60.2
Friendly 'honks' from motorists: 7

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