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Monday, 11 March 2013

400km in Hot Weather

It's been a hot hot week in Melbourne...in fact, according to this evenings news its been 10 days straight over 30 degrees. The challenge for me this week was to try and get ahead on the miles despite that. Next weekend, I have a 3 day stag do to attend! So there wont be much training happening there..

So anyway I managed 3 long rides and a bunch of smaller ones, and hit 400km for the week yesterday, so tracking just about where I need to be for the year goal:

Training in the heat isn't easy...I find the hardest bit when you stop and don't have the air moving around you...its almost a nauseous feeling! And its incredible how much water you need to get down.

Yesterday I finished the week off with a 95km recovery ride and had the pleasure of my wife's company for the first 10km over to Altona for breakfast, before I carried on by myself. The whole point being to keep the pace down and "rest" but still get the muscles moving.

What I'm excited about next is some definite time off work in May. It's not a lot of time, but I think I can squeeze in an interstate tour. Adelaide to Melbourne is on the cards, so now I'm looking at route options, of which there are several:

The shortest option, that is also least friendly to cyclists is along the highway and is very unappealing, but only 750km. At the other end of the scale, around the coast is a lot longer at around 1100-1200km and perhaps a lot more exposed.  This route includes the stunning great ocean road:

Having been there before and also a little weary of drivers not watching the road, I'm not sure I'll do it again. There are other inland options to look into as well.

I'll probably plan a couple of options and see what the weather is like closer to the time!

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