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Monday, 18 February 2013

Bianca On The Beach

Somehow its been a month since I last posted on here, but the riding has been going great. To hit my January goal I needed to be on 833km. I ended up a bit short of that on 717km but it was the first month of training and the monthly goals are based on an average over the year, so I should be able to catch up. As it stands, 12% down...88% to go!

I've started exploring the eastern bays and have been loving the bike paths alongside the beach....got to watch for joggers with headphones on though! I've also biked into work and back a couple of times, which is a good effort given its 50km each way to the other side of the city. It does make me laugh though...cycling all that way takes about the same amount of time as the train...or even driving.

Its a lot less stressful too and only costs $2 each way for the "The Punt"

The punt  ferry's passengers (95 % cyclists apparently) from Newport over to Spotswood and runs more or less underneath the monstrous Westgate Bridge...which if you try driving over after 7.30am you can expect to spend a whole lot of time stationary on:

A highlight of the punt is the banter between friendly fellow cyclists and the equally friendly "Captain" who has plenty of good stories to share.

Once across you can hook up with the paths heading to St Kilda and well beyond:

"Bianca" working on her tan

  Today, even this ride was tough for me...35 degrees and a dry northwesterly, the back of my throat just felt like burning sawdust! Caught this sunset on the final section to home...awww

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