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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Pub quiz help! Oh and yet more training...

My biggest news right now is a shift to the start date, which was on the cards after working a couple of 7 day weeks a while back that killed any training plans. So I’ll now be underway just after the June bank holiday which now ties in with my work thank goodness. A BIG thank you to everyone who has donated, shared the link, said kinds words, or said abusive words that have nonetheless inspired me.

I now need a hand organising a pub quiz night and if any of you reading this have experience of doing this, or better still can help, please drop me a line! The first thing I need right now is a suitable central London venue.

In the meantime, at the moment it’s all about training, training and more training…apologies if this bores the pants off you, look away now if it does…

Last week was not a bad week just past. I got out for 1 medium sized ride before work one morning, and one long weekend ride across Hampshire along with my usual smattering of commute rides. For the long one, I rode down the A30 south west which was quite good riding once I’d got out of London (though that seemed to take for ever). Weather was quite good for riding, despite the odd heavy shower, but there was very little wind and it was nice and mild. It ended up being a bit under 100km with no major hills and I made it good time, probably need to slow down more still in fact.

I’d love to do some more riding around the country lanes down there and may well make a special trip to do so. The ride had the added bonus of a reward of an amazing dinner with friends at The Pot Kiln where my wife and I were treated to venison and a lovely Cotswold lager that I wish I could remember the name of…

As a result of staying up late and catching up with friends, I was feeling a little worse for wear the next day and didn’t get in a second long weekend ride…the best I could manage was 30km and that left me about 40 short of where I’d wanted to be by the end of the week. As a result, have been putting in some extra miles this week and managed to get up at 6am today and do a 45km circuit before work.

This coming weekend I'm planning on doing a really big ride on Saturday, and hoping this mild weather plays ball for it...time to have a go at 150km+ - bring it on!

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