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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Thank you for donating! And adult babies...

A big big thank you to everyone who has shared the link to this blog, given words of encouragement, and best of all donated to these causes. I hope karma comes your way in great quantities! It took a while to get off the mark but am underway at last and so far have collected....

....Hang on, this is better presented by an adult baby*:

Dom Pardy Trust: £120.00
Rethink: £223:50

Still a rather long way to go on the £2000 target but am glad to be off the dreaded duck...

As for training, well this turned out to be a demoralising week again in terms of training. I found myself at work well beyond midnight every night and in the weekend too- so not a single long ride achieved. Just peddling home at 3am was hard enough, and didn’t manage to do that every night either. Whilst this puts a big dent in momentum, I’m still confident I’ll be able to make up for it at some point…even if it means delaying my start date by a few weeks. Thankfully the planned start date was late spring so maybe I can move that...will see what happens.

So I just need to stick out this period and do enough riding to stop the fitness falling too far…am going to make myself ride no matter how late I finish work!

On the whole, February was nearly on target:

I was aiming for about 800 and 1 weekend off pretty much killed that, but 650km is OK and will just try to add to that in March.

*Markus if you are reading this, I want to get you one of these suits

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