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Friday, 4 April 2014

Melbourne to Sydney: Day 5

Overnight showers fell pretty steadily but thankfully never really getting too heavy and I stayed dry in my tent. After packing up this morning,  I headed straight for a little cafe I'd spotted the night before: the 'Two Little Owls' Cafe, that looked a bit different from the usual bakery at reminded me of a mate.

There was a waft of warm baking smell emitting from their kitchen on going through the door, and the proprietor was busy cooking and serving on their own, in true small business multi tasking style. I had an amazing muffin, scone and coffee and nicely fuelled up for the day. Much better quality than recent bakery’s.

Today was going to be a short day but I was expecting a lot of hill work. Also the weather forecast wasn't looking good...earlier plans to camp in the area between here and NSW had to be caned.

After a few km's down the road the rain went up a couple of levels. I put my lights and fluro vest on, and it was a bit of case of head down and grind up and down the rolling hills. At the hamlet of Cabbage Tree Creek there is a cute cafe and I stopped for a welcome hot drink.

It was a bit of a shame about the weather here as this area was one of the best sections of the trip for little side trips to explore. The rainforest looked lush and alive.

Arriving at Cann River early, and utterly drenched...I checked into a motel and spent a few hours updating the blog...first wifi access in a while! It was an easier day in terms of distance, but with 1220m of climbing...the thighs were feeling it. 

Tomorrow probably will be the crux of the trip....

Distance: 75 km
Total climb: 1220m

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