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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Ride to Work Day 2013

Its been a fair old while since I've posted on here. I have been riding a fair bit, but lost momentum over the tail end of winter when I switched jobs. Pulling another excuse: It's been bloody windy lately! If I want to make my 10,000 km target for the year, I'll need a really big effort in Nov/Dec with just under 3000 km still to cover. It's not impossible...

Today was National Ride To Work Day and it was just the motivation I needed! I was really impressed at the amount of effort and scale, that went on to make the event a cool day. On my route from the west, the punt was free, and full of atmosphere. With shared tales of woe battling the northerly gale enroute.

On the city side of the punt, a coffee van was set up

...with free goodies: juice, water, & these very tasty buns

The accordion player there was playing a lively sea-shanty style tune that made me think: they should combine ride to work day with "talk like a pirate day"? For punters taking the nautical route to work, its a perfect fit. As for everyone else: Ya lilly livered land-lubbers! Daaargh.

In any-case, for my commute I'm very fortunate to get views like this at dawn and dusk:

I hope to keep blog going a bit more with summer just around the corner, so see you soon...

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