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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Back in the Saddle

So here I am in Australia, and at Christmas my bike cleared customs and I could get out on the road again. It definitely has not been good for me while I waited the 3 months for the shipment to get here and clear customs...but, it's here now, and its time to get peddling again!

I've just done a couple of bedding in rides so far. The heat here after the UK is a shock, especially just now while the heat wave is in town. I've been trying to head out earlier in the day and be done by lunch time, but its still too warm - for me! Also the warm wind feels like a hair dryer when its coming of the warmer interior.

What I do love is the open space. Although I live out of the far western edge of the city and the commute utterly sucks during the week, on weekends I'm only a short ride from terrain like this:

That was my first proper foray out of town, a 58 km ride out along Bachus Marsh road yesterday. Looking forward to seeing much more of this!

In the meantime, today was a more leisurely ride along a mostly traffic free route into the city:

I was checking this out as part of a possible ride to work route.  The the whole distance to work would be close to 70km I think, so would be a big effort and to then have to work a day...so I'll look at that again later in the year I think! A lovely route nonetheless, on a fairly narrow paved path

But passing Altona Beach

And Williamstown Beach

At the moment I'm just trying to get used to being back out on the road and getting fit again - but its great to be in such a wonderful cycling country!

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