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Monday, 23 April 2012

Ride, Eat, Sleep: Repeat

Training is the name of the game. Oh yes. Training, training and more training. And this is best illustrated by the following useful flowchart:

Despite getting a little tired of this ruling my life right now (can you tell?), this is all actually going quite well. For April I’d set myself the target of 1300kms / 807 Miles and it’s looking possible I might just make that if I can pull off 390km in this last week of the month… possible if I can do 200 miles this coming weekend. As for the weekend passed, well I  had commitments near home but managed 2 good, long rides both days by getting up at 6am – in doing so missing the worst of the weather too, as the mornings were actually quite sunny…just not very warm!

Fundraising has dried up a little unfortunately. Most of my close friends - bless you all have given generously and its massively appreciated…but I haven’t figured out smart ways to extend that. Originally I was going to do a pub quiz but a fellow fundraiser suggested a brilliant idea of doing a BBQ quiz instead, and that way be able to do it in the backyard so more of the money will go to my charity’s – good call Viv! 

So my wife and I are setting that up for a week before I head away on the challenge.  And I have a date in mind to start!  June 6th I plan to roll out from Land’s end…that gives me about 5 more weekends to get ready, so now its time to get the route planned in detail.

Anyone wanting to join me for a section is welcome too, I’ll start posting route plans soon. Each day to be split up into 4x 40km sections.

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